Designing Your Wedding Cake

The cutting of the wedding cake is the first task of a new husband and wife

Your wedding cake stands as the centrepiece of your wedding reception and should ‘wow’ your guests.

As the centrepiece of your day, it should match in style and theme. Love Island Cakes will be delighted to create the cake that is just right for you.

Tips for choosing the right wedding cake

1. Go For Height!

Even for small and intimate wedding parties, stacked wedding cakes have become very popular. By providing a little extra height, the cake has more presence, more ‘wow’ and represents a traditional wedding cake, as opposed to a celebration cake.

We can provide smaller cakes that still give height – some serving as little as 16 portions – meaning you are not left eating cake for days but can still have a beautiful, elegant cake design.

Many of our cake stands also help to provide height, we have numerous pedestal stands to give the cake an extra 6-8 inches height from the cake table.

Even for moderately tall Brides and Grooms, the extra height in a cake means that you are not bending to cut your cake and can be photographed in the best possible pose.

2. You need lots of 'side'

Celebration cakes should be deep and in proportion to their height. You can’t compare wedding cakes with ‘ordinary’ or ‘tea-time’ cakes. A good cake designer will create a cake that has plenty of ‘side’ as opposed to ‘top’. That’s because the cake as a whole is viewed from an angle, not from overhead.

3. Consider when and where you are going to cut your cake

The wedding season in Cyprus is usually April-October, the temperature could be anything from 20°c up to 40°c. The classic English style wedding cake copes really well in the heat, coated in sugarpaste or royal icing, they can be left on display far longer than a buttercream, chocolate or fondant coated cake.

On the subject of buttercream, whilst we all love buttercream swirls on cupcakes, they will not last long in the heat, melted buttercream puddles are not particularly palatable so consider an alternative. Sugar paste tops, domed cupcakes or even a meringue swirl can be designed and decorated to match your theme and style.

We can offer a buttercream or semi naked finish for your cake but do strongly recommend a limited display time and where possible, refrigeration between display and serving to your guests later.