Your Cake The Budget

The Budget

Size of wedding cake

Having feasted on the wedding “breakfast” your guests probably won’t want a big wedge of cake. Let us know about your requirements so that we can recommend something right for you. You may not want piles of leftover cake (although many do!) for the following days. Some designs may require more cake than you actually need – so if you’re on a tight budget, make sure you let us know.

Wedding cake portions

Whilst a square cake will provide more portions than a round cake, it is not significantly more. We can provide you/your planner/venue with a cutting guide to get the optimum number of portions from any shaped cake.

Remember that heavy fruit cakes have smaller portion sizes than a sponge or Madeira cake, but they’ll be more expensive due to the additional ingredients and alcohol.


The more intricate and complicated the decoration, the more your wedding cake will cost. Having a minimalist design can help keep costs down. Using fresh or silk flowers are less expensive than having them handmade in sugar. Of course, there are health and hygiene considerations when putting fresh flowers on your cake, but we can help you overcome these.

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