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Classic Madeira Cake

A moist cake with fresh, local lemon and orange zest, layered with English Strawberry Jam and Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla buttercream

Rich Chocolate Cake

An indulgent but light chocolate cake, layered with Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla buttercream

Zingy Lemon Cake

Lemon sponge drizzled with lemon syrup, lemon buttercream and our homemade Lemon curd made with local Cyprus Lemons

Chocolate Mud cake

A dense cake made with dark Belgian chocolate, layered with Belgian dark or white chocolate ganache

Coffee Cake

Dark, rich and delicious coffee layered with Baileys and Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla buttercream

Carrot Cake

Unbelievably moist with chopped walnuts, layered with Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla buttercream or sweet cream cheese

Rich Fruit Cake

A traditional wedding cake packed with fruit, spice and lashings of Rum

Tropical Fruit Cake

A lighter alternative to Rich Fruit, with tropical fruits, almond rich and matured with Amaretto

Other Flavours and “unusual” wedding cakes

Coconut Cake filled with coconut crème

Ginger cake with crystallised ginger

Banana and Toffee cake with chocolate ganache

Red Velvet with Sweet Cream Cheese

Apple Pie

Brownie & Blondie Tower

Baked Cheesecake

Afternoon tea cakes and pastries


Decorated simple cupcakes



Domed & Filled Cupcakes – Our favourite Combinations

Lemon cupcake + Lemon Curd centre + Lemon buttercream

Vanilla cupcake + Strawberry Jam + Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla buttercream

Ginger cupcake + Orange buttercream

Vanilla cupcake + Raspberry Coulis + white chocolate buttercream

Coffee cupcake + Baileys + Vanilla buttercream

Carrot & Walnut cupcake + sweet cream cheese

Red Velvet cupcake + sweet cream cheese

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