Leoforous Christou Keli 7
Apt 101
8574 Kissonerga

Invoice Number INV-LIC7113
Invoice Date 7th March 2024
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Andrea French
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1 Wedding cake

6” madeira cake with raspberry coulis and lemon buttercream top tier coated in white sugar with white sugarpaste roses and a dusty blue long tailed ribbon
10 carrot & walnut cupcakes with sweet cream cheese frosting swirl
9 dairy free ginger cupcakes with lemon frosting decorated with dusty blue sugar tops and white roses
9 chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream decorated with white sugar tops and blue roses
28 dusty blue mini ribbon bows
1 dairy free madeira bride temari with raspberry coulis and lemon frosting - white lace as photo
1 coconut groom temari with passionfruit curd and white chocolate buttercream – dark navy jacket, white shirt, no tie
Delivered/set up 6-6:30pm on 2nd April 2024 – To Stekki tou Panai
Total: €287.10
Less €50 deposit paid 8th January 2024
Remaining balance: €237.10

Sub Total €287.10
Tax €13.67
Paid -€287.10
Total Due €0.00