Leoforous Christou Keli 7
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Invoice Number INV-LIC6068
Invoice Date 29th March 2023
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Natalia +79037996136
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1 Birthday cake

7" carrot & walnut cake with sweet cream cheese frosting - blue and white frosting finish with gold pearls and gold '38' candles - 'Happy Birthday Maksim'
12 cupcakes on gold cases: 6x chocolate and sweet cream cheese swirls 6x coffee & baileys with salted caramel buttercream decorated with sugar tops: Happy 38, Maksim
delivered to V6 (K6) Cap St George on 31st March 2023 by 12:00 noon

1 Balloons

30x helium filled balloons (no ribbons - let loose to float to ceiling)
4x bouquets of helium filled balloons (with weights)
Baby blue, chrome blue, printed blue, white and silver
1x baby blue 3 (with weight)
1x baby blue 8 (with weight)

Sub Total €279.90
Tax €13.33
Paid -€279.90
Total Due €0.00