Leoforous Christou Keli 7
Apt 101
8574 Kissonerga

Invoice Number INV-LIC5896
Invoice Date 20th November 2022
Total Due €0.00
Niki Miltiadous

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35 Decorated Cupcakes in clear gift box

Collect late Thursday/early Friday from Love Island Cakes
Red velvet with sweet cream cheese frosting - with characters
Chocolate with salted caramel buttercream - with logos/themes
All in clear gift boxes

1 Birthday cake

Four tier cake
5" & 7" red velvet with sweet cream cheese frosting, 9" & 11" chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream decorated as image with added Hulk Fist and Thor Hammer
Delivered to Playland on Saturday 26th November 15:15-15:25

Sub Total €675.00
Tax €32.14
Paid -€675.00
Total Due €0.00