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8574 Kissonerga

Invoice Number INV-LIC5069
Invoice Date 5th May 2022
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Carleigh Burton
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1 Two tier wedding cake with lace + flowers

4" carrot and walnut cake with sweet cream cheese frosting and 6" banana and toffee cake with salted caramel buttercream with handpiped lace
155 + 40 flowers + 60 delivery to Aphrodite Beach Venue, Ayia Napa - 17th June 2022

2 Bride/groom temari

Bride temari as per image provided
Groom temari: grey waistcoat, white shirt
Banana and toffee with salted caramel buttercream

1 Mother of the bride large temari in gift box

Banana and toffee with salted caramel buttercream - pink dress

12 Pageboy/flowergirl/bridesmaid temari

2x flowergirl temari - ivory dress
5x bridesmaid - grey sparkly
5x groom's men - as groom plus grey tie

10 Cupcakes

Handmade flowers and bows #
Chocolate with chocolate buttercream
Coffee and baileys and vanilla buttercream

15 Cupcakes

Vanilla with passionfruit curd and white chocolate buttercream
Vanilla with raspberry coulis and white chocolate buttercream
Lemon with lemon curd and lemon buttercream

16 Cookie Favours

8x Happily Ever After
8x Anton & Carleigh 17.06.22

25 Lace cupcake wrappers
1 Doughnut Tower

35 doughnuts on tower
chocolate, cinnamon sugar, salted caramel, oreo, lemon, vanilla

16 Macaron favours

2 Ivory in bag tied with ribbon:
White chocolate / salted caramel
Coconut / Cookies and Cream

6 Doughnuts

1 doughnut in each flavour - kept in a separate box

Sub Total €812.70
Tax €38.70
Paid -€812.70
Total Due €0.00