Leoforous Christou Keli 7
Apt 101
8574 Kissonerga

Invoice Number INV-LIC4961
Invoice Date 4th April 2022
Total Due €0.00
Marios Petsas
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1 Wedding cake

Three tier cake delivered to Socrates Ballroom, Adams Beach for 19:30 30th April 2022
6”coconut cake layered with raspberry coulis and white chocolate buttercream coated in white sugar topped with a black handmade rose with black leaves
8” shallow rich chocolate cake layered with sweet cream cheese frosting coated in brown sugar with a wood/bark effect and engraved heart with M+L
10” extra deep banana & toffee cake layered with salted caramel buttercream coated in black sugar with a chalkboard style of decoration including ‘All of me loves all of you’ handpainted in white
Total: €465 + €60 delivery
Less €50 deposit paid 12th February 2022

Sub Total €525.00
Tax €25.00
Paid -€525.00
Total Due €0.00