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Invoice Date 24th March 2022
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Jenny Beever
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1 Wedding cake - 9th June 2022 - Athena Beach

6” vanilla cake with raspberry coulis and white chocolate buttercream coated in ivory sugar with grey ribbon, handpiped complex lace topped with ivory & blush roses and grey leaves
9 vanilla cupcakes / 9 chocolate cupcakes decorated in silver, grey, ivory, cream with touches of blush pink
- 7x buttercream decorated cupcakes
- 7x domed cupcakes with blossoms and pearls
- 6x domed cupcakes with handmade rose
6x lace cupcake wrappers
Bride temari – vanilla with vanilla buttercream, based on image provided
Groom temari – vanilla with vanilla buttercream, grey suit, white shirt, blush pink tie
Total: 260.50 euros
50.00 euros deposit paid invoice: 4867 08/02/2022

Sub Total €210.50
Tax €10.02
Paid -€210.50
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