Leoforous Christou Keli 7
Apt 101
8574 Kissonerga

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Invoice Date 23rd December 2021
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Paul Bitten
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1 Bespoke Gift Hamper

Bespoke gift hamper:
2 individual (decorated 1x silver and 1x white) Christmas temari cakes , 2 apple pies, 4 cream & jam doughnuts, 4 sausage rolls, 4 jumbo mince pies, Shortbread
Delivered to West Park Court 2, Apt 34, 9 Nikou Kazantzaki Street on 24th December 2021
Gift tag: To Dearest Mummy and Daddy
Wishing you joy and happiness at Christmas and in the coming New Year.
These festive treats are sent with love and we only wish we could be there to share them with you.
Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can all be together again.
Sending lots and lots of love and hugs and kisses,
Zoë and Paul

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