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8574 Kissonerga

Invoice Number INV-LIC4207
Invoice Date 29th March 2021
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Victoria Oriordan
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1 Birthday cake delivered to 23 Melanos Avenue, Ikaria Vil. D, A101, Chloraka on Wednesday 31st March

Classic Madeira cake with strawberry jam and madagascan bourbon vanilla buttercream
Pale blue with white clouds, small planes around, some suitcases, vintage style tickets:
1. Ticket “Tel Aviv”, number: 27.11.2020
2. Ticket “Nea Makri”, number: 31.03.1973
3. Ticket “SFO”, number: 31.03.2023
4. Ticket “Moscow”, number 16.10.1993
Message on cake: Happy Birthday Mama
Message on box (tied with ribbon):
On my 16th birthday you got me a funny cake with the first page of my passport. The other time you printed a little story I wrote on a cake and impressed all of my friends with it. I also remember that embarrassing cake with all of my school grades on it 😂
So... It’s my turn, mama!
I love and miss you so much!
Happy birthday, mamachka!
P.S. ne revi <3

Contact for delivery: Ross +357 968 28600

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