Leoforous Christou Keli 7
Apt 101
8574 Kissonerga

Invoice Number INV-LIC4150
Invoice Date 11th February 2021
Total Due €0.00
Rebecca Prince
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1 Gift Hamper - 22nd February 2021

Gift Hamper delivered to Villa 1, 5 panagias agridiotissas street, Kastalia park, Peyia 8560 on 22nd February 2021
Four cupcakes: Spiced ginger and lemon, Coffee, bailey's and vanilla. Red velvet & cream cheese, Chocolate and salted caramel, three decorated biscuits and a box of 12 mixed macaron
Decoration to include 'Lisa', 'Nana', '50'
Personal message: Happy 50th Birthday! Lots of love Steven, Becky, Tilly and Olivia X

Sub Total €50.00
Tax €2.38
Paid -€50.00
Total Due €0.00