Happy 2015

So here we are again, mostly rested and recuperated after a lovely sunny Christmas and slightly wet New Year. 2014 has lived up to expectations and been our busiest so far, we have met and worked with so many wonderful people, it is thanks to this good fortune that we have (what is possibly) our most exciting year starting right now. Before we get on to that, let me share with you some of our favourite concepts and popular designs from this year.

First up, the Temari and cupcake tower continued to be a firm favourite with our customers and from looking through 2015’s orders, they are here to stay, and why not? These delicious balls of cakey goodness are so versatile and the Bride & Groom Temari are hard to resist

IMG_2227 IMG_2187 IMG_1669 IMG_1552

This year also saw more mini cakes, either as petite versions of classics or brand new couture for intimate wedding parties

IMG_2080 IMG_2068 IMG_1572

That’s not to say there weren’t plenty of larger offerings too, my muscles still twitch remembering some of these beauts

Hollie-001 LoveIslandCakes - Tsentas 2 IMG_2140

With so many beautiful, rugged and charming settings here, Rustic will always be a delight

IMG_2254 IMG_2051 IMG_1318

And last but certainly not least, as unique as each bride it is designed for, lovely lace

IMG_1956 IMG_1900 IMG_1573

So many fond memories of this year that we cannot share on this short blog, hatching dinosaur eggs, Peyia Mountain, Monkeys, Pride Rock, a hunky man chest… for more photos from this wonderful year, visit our facebook page and why not let us know which you style you like most.

As for 2015, we will see the exciting expansion of our little team of cake fanatics, the extension of our product range with lots of delicious and beautiful sweet treats AND (cue drum roll) we will be opening our new cake shop which will be filled with all of the above and much more. Of course, there will be a small opening shin-dig and if you would like to attend, please be sure you join us on facebook for an invite!

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all of our customers and colleagues for 2014, to those who have already booked in for 2015 and 2016 and to those we are still yet to meet, without you none of this would be possible.