Happy 2015

So here we are again, mostly rested and recuperated after a lovely sunny Christmas and slightly wet New Year. 2014 has lived up to expectations and been our busiest so far, we have met and worked with so many wonderful people, it is thanks to this good fortune that we have (what is possibly) our most exciting year starting right now. Before we get on to that, let me share with you some of our favourite concepts and popular designs from this year.

First up, the Temari and cupcake tower continued to be a firm favourite with our customers and from looking through 2015’s orders, they are here to stay, and why not? These delicious balls of cakey goodness are so versatile and the Bride & Groom Temari are hard to resist

IMG_2227 IMG_2187 IMG_1669 IMG_1552

This year also saw more mini cakes, either as petite versions of classics or brand new couture for intimate wedding parties

IMG_2080 IMG_2068 IMG_1572

That’s not to say there weren’t plenty of larger offerings too, my muscles still twitch remembering some of these beauts

Hollie-001 LoveIslandCakes - Tsentas 2 IMG_2140

With so many beautiful, rugged and charming settings here, Rustic will always be a delight

IMG_2254 IMG_2051 IMG_1318

And last but certainly not least, as unique as each bride it is designed for, lovely lace

IMG_1956 IMG_1900 IMG_1573

So many fond memories of this year that we cannot share on this short blog, hatching dinosaur eggs, Peyia Mountain, Monkeys, Pride Rock, a hunky man chest… for more photos from this wonderful year, visit our facebook page and why not let us know which you style you like most.

As for 2015, we will see the exciting expansion of our little team of cake fanatics, the extension of our product range with lots of delicious and beautiful sweet treats AND (cue drum roll) we will be opening our new cake shop which will be filled with all of the above and much more. Of course, there will be a small opening shin-dig and if you would like to attend, please be sure you join us on facebook for an invite!

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all of our customers and colleagues for 2014, to those who have already booked in for 2015 and 2016 and to those we are still yet to meet, without you none of this would be possible.

Hello Ombré!!

Ombré – a trick-taking card game for three people using a pack of forty cards, popular in Europe in the 17th–18th centuries….NOT REALLY!!  When we say Ombré we are referring to the French term for ‘shaded’ where colours graduate subtly from light to dark (and in some cases; vice versa!!)

We cannot BEGIN to tell you how utterly AMAZING this looks when incorporated and applied to….yes….CAKES!!

The Ombré look has become increasingly widely recognised in more than funky hairdos and we are chomping at the bit to create more Ombré delights!

So, onto some examples, in 2013 our brides were gaga for Ombré and we can only see that trend continuing into and beyond 2014, the first example we have for you is this beauty; Caramel Ombré topped with fresh Gypsophila (another nod to the continuing vintage flavour) for Katie and Steve’s big day:

Caramel Ombre

Please do cast your eyes over our Aqua Ombré Love Ruffles, yes, that’s right, LOVE RUFFLES how utterly scrumptious does that sound?!  Here is an example of that exact cake (photography by Nicky Kirby at Cyprus Images) from our recent sojourn to Minthis Hills:

lic 1113-57

Still scrumptious but with more of a classic look, our Eucalyptus (again, another nod to a favoured vintage tone) Ombré with sugar peony and ballerina frills (photography courtesy of Cyprus Images):


Golden Ombré with Cupcakes, sugar roses and pearls, beautifully emulates our glorious Cypriot sun, a really cheery and satisfying creation here, in which we have incorporated those delicious little Domed Cupcakes a perfect fit for a sunset wedding reception at the Beach Bar at Thalassa Boutique Hotel & Spa:


This Peach and Pink Ombré (inside AND out!) with large fantasy peony, also in peach, was made for Deborah & Paul, who had their wedding at Vasilias Nikoklis Inn, ticks all of the boxes, bright, bold and beautiful:


Feeling a bit cheeky?  NO PROBLEM!  We have it covered with this colourful number, created for Bernard & Shadya who celebrated their wedding at Paliomonastiro in Pegeia, their wedding was organised by Jo at Paphos Weddings Made Easy, feast your eyes on THIS:

Neon Ombre

Ombré, we salute you!

Lovely Lace

Hello Love Island Lovers!  Here we are again with another inspirational post for you, something we are always THRILLED to be asked to create (really lets us flex our sugar craft muscles!) is LACE, Lovely Lovely LACE!  We simply adore it and we know YOU do too, lace has featured heavily for some time now; since the revival of the Vintage look, more of our brides are opting for this classic openwork fabric to be reflected in our sugarcraft.

We have had our beady eyes on this trend ever since Kate Middleton elegantly glided into our lives via Westminster Abbey back in 2011, we saw her new take on the timeless lace, popularising fashions has filtered down through generations of Royals with Queen Victoria getting the ball rolling when she got married in white!

LACE!  A regal choice, a classic choice, a choice we can continue through the fabric of your DAY by incorporating it into…yes…you guessed it YOUR CAKE!!

So, where do we get our design inspiration from?  Come with us as we take you on a virtual walk through of our lace journey……

Minthis Hills

This Vera Wang creation inspired our understated yet, we feel, grand, blush three tiered cake, designed for the beautiful Minthis Hills Wedding Show and our own studio display, this cake really stands out amongst the rest.

lic 1113-35

lic 1113-37

Here are some real weddings where the bride and groom have worked closely with us to get THEIR lace detailing just right;

Kathryn & David were married at Vasilias, they planned their entire wedding themselves and we must say, they did a superb job, the ‘theme’ running through the day was one of Rustic & Lace, Kathryn made some exquisite lace bunting to decorate the venue with, below is an example of the lace detailing of her beautiful dress along with our interpretation of this.

Kathryn’s lace and the cakes she loved used as inspiration:

     image 1-001 IMG_1447 photo

Her table at beautiful Vasilias


Final design

IMG_0316  IMG_0310  IMG_0311

Annette & Ian’s also married at Vasilias, their theme was Rustic Hessian & Lace with silk flowers and table centres. Annette’s dress really does follow the vintage theme and is almost Edwardian, so beautiful; it was a joy to emulate. We created bespoke ‘domino’ cookies (butter cookie decorated as dominos – to be used as an ice breaker and also as a personal touch to Annette & Ian), we made the classic three tiers with that lacy twist and some more of her beautiful silk flowers:

                                           AA's dress  SAM_0593

cookies table settings and table at Vasilias


Final cake design


Lizzie & Bob had their wedding planned and organised by Tara, and sealed the deal and danced the night away at the Coral Beach Hotel! Again using the intricate lace detailing from Lizzie’s dress, we added lilac sugarcraft roses and Mauve Calla Lilies with a simple band of lilac around the base of this three tiered cake:

                                         May 13 495 May 13 498


Clemency & Jan co-ordinated their own wedding and heralded their new lives together at Ayii Anargyri, they chose a five tier creation with the lace detailing cascading down the side, here you can see how you can really push the boundaries when incorporating the lace design, every cake is individual and unique to YOU, we accented this one with dusty pink sugarcraft roses and simple ribbon bands at the base of each tier:

                                        IMG_0083 IMG_0089


We are always looking for new inspiration and new ways to inspire you to create a real excitment about your statement cake, as such we continue to work behind the scenes practicing techniques, improving on what we already know and trying new things, here is an example of some free hand lace:

lic 1113-54

And for a structured but delicate look, a variety of sugarveil lace:


We’ve loved lace in 2013 and see it continuing to be VERY popular in 2014!


Love Island Cupcakes

Well hello there Cake lovers! We hope you have had a lovely week and, if you are planning a special event in the not too distant future, we hope it is going swimmingly! Today’s blog is focusing on Cupcakes, yummy, tasty, sweet and delicious Cupcakes!

There are 3 main cupcakes that Love Island Cakes offer, these are; The Simple, The Domed and The Swirl. All three are very special in their own way, however, we feel that the domed cupcake has the most to offer as a brilliant ‘all rounder’ what we mean by this is simple; the domed cupcake not only looks gloriously luxurious, it really is a cake in it’s own right, with buttercream (or frosting) AND a centre such as jam or curd (whatever is your cakey weakness!)

The Simple – The Simple is a plain cupcake a thin layer of sugarpaste with decoration applied to the surface, this is available in chocolate or vanilla, a really simple yet effective centrepiece.


2013 05 23_3378Photograph by Nektarios Photography




The Domed - This is a cupcake with a domed top, covered in a thin layer of sugarpaste which is decorated to your specifications, as mentioned above, they can contain a filling, or centre, this is dependant on the flavour of the cake itself and your personal requirements, of course.

IMG_1498(Ombre AND frills – more to come on both of these lovely details soon!)




The Swirl – A ‘coffee shop’ style of cake with buttercream or frosting swirl, these are available in pretty much any flavour, please have a little browse through the Cupcake menu




Whilst we are on the subject of buttercream, we like to give our couples a handy tip when choosing their style of cupcakes; our buttercream (the most popular we have noted is the Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla….YUMMY) is a continental type of buttercream, it is made using butter, sugar and egg (our fridge doors are firmly closed to ANY cream of the squirty variety!) now whilst there are a million and one ‘pros’ to making our delicious cupcake topping this way, it does have it’s drawbacks (this is where the handy tip comes in!) Buttercream will begin to melt at an average temperature of 21°c, Cyprus temperatures in the mid-summer months can soar from 33-42°, quite a leap wouldn’t you agree, the drawback to having a cupcake with buttercream on, that is likely to be displayed mid-summer, outside in the GLORIOUS Cypriot heat is that, yes, you’ve guessed it, the shelflife of the cake topping is somewhat limited….this is where the DOMED cupcake comes in, THE SAVIOUR OF CUPCAKES!


Some of our favourite domed cupcake combinations:

Lemon Cupcake + Lemon Curd centre + Lemon buttercream

Vanilla Cupcake + Strawberry Jam centre + MBV buttercream

Coffee Cupcake + Baileys + MBV buttercream

Red Velvet Cupcake + Sweet Cream Cheese frosting

Ginger Cupcake + Orange buttercream

Carrot & Walnut Cupcake with Sweet Cream Cheese

Vanilla Cupcake + Raspberry Coulis + White Chocolate buttercream


Temari Love

Hello there Love Islanders!  And welcome to 2014!

Today’s blog post is solely dedicated to Temari, what is Temari?  We hear you cry!  Well pop the kettle on, make a cup of tea and/or other refreshing libation, sit back and we shall begin.

First thing is first, we cannot even CONSIDER writing a post about Temari without mentioning Makiko Searle (web link –  Makiko studied sugarcraft at the same college where Jak taught (although not at the same time it is a lovely connection we feel!) and is without a doubt the master of Temari. She introduces them in her book which can be found here.

We wanted to thank her for her inspiration and skill before waxing lyrical about these delectable delicacies!  THANK YOU MAKI!

So let us delve a little deeper into TEMARI;

Temari is an ancient Japanese craft dating back approximately a thousand years, tradition dictates that these colourful threaded silken balls were given as gifts, originally made for the purpose of a childs toy, their charm has extended widely to decorations and, recently, thanks to Maki, into elegant translations such as these beautiful cakes, first appearing in Cyprus in 2011


We love them and going on our recent testimonials….YOU love them too!!

Lisa and Dave had their wedding reception and breakfast at Elea Estate their cake of choice was a plum temari tower with personalised sugar figurines. To compliment the temari we made cupcakes piled high with sweets, ensuring that everyone at the wedding could enjoy their cake…even the smallest guests!


Lisa and Dave said of their creation ‘’it looked absolutely amazing and was a real centrepiece of our day!”



Hayley and Mark had their reception at Vasilias and also had Temari and domed cupcakes, they are such a popular choice and these two items complement each other so well, they said of their cake;

“It was amazing and our guests are STILL talking about it!”

Kate and Chris opted for the Sage & Pearl Temari, this has received the most interest so far, it was such a popular design! Their reception was held at Olympic Lagoon

They said of their cake;

‘’It was truly everything we imagined and more, looked stunning and tasted even better!’’


Alicia and Marty were received at Saint Barbara for their reception, they travelled all the way from AUSTRALIA so that they could get married in the church her Grandfather helped to build, ROMANCE ALERT!!!! Their cake was decorated to depict the travels they had shared.

Alicia and Marty were quick to send us an email on their return;

‘’A lot of people have commented on how beautiful and unique our cake was, you really brought to life our idea of an international/travel themed cake’’


And last but so definitely not least;

Parissa and Jamie married at Ayii Anagyri their day was recorded by Andrew Britton of Limelight Films (see his stunning trailer here) and Dimitri Katchis

Parissa and Jamie wanted a vintage, ivory and dusky pink theme. We handpiped lace on the top tier to reflect her gorgeous dress, roses, lace, pearls and EVEN Jamie’s football team

They had to say of their cake, simply;

‘’Absolutely stunning cakes – not that I’ve ever seen you guys do a bad one!’’

Thank you all SO much for such lovely compliments, we really did enjoy making them, we hope you enjoyed looking at them; they are definitely here to stay.

2013, the icing on the cake!

What a year it has been, not only for Love Island Cakes, but for our Beautiful Brides and Gorgeous Grooms! It has been a WONDERFUL year, so full of love and laughter, we really have enjoyed every single second of it. There are so many weddings that we want to share with you from the last year but sadly we can only pick a few cakes which we feel reflect our and your year the very best!

A few key notes we are extending into next year’s ‘cakey’ creations will be emulating the lace detailing on our Bride’s dress and using it as the main focal point of the cake, we found this not only worked well from an aesthetic point of view but also as a way to extend one of the most important elements of your day…THE WEDDING DRESS! We worked closely with our couples, taking details from the dress and applying our own unique expertise to create a treat that was not only tasty on the tongue, but pleasing to the eye. This has been one of our most popular requests this year and as such we are delighted to say we will be carrying on this tradition!

Two tier cake with lace copied from Bride's dress

Three tier nude coated cake overlaid with handpiped lace, finished with a large bow (all inspired by dress design)

Apricot Lace Wedding Cake


We do love a vintage themed wedding and cake, it gives us SO many avenues to go down in terms of creativity, this is a very loved and popular style and we will work our hardest to keep it a part of our signature pieces.


Five tier with handpiped texture painted with edible gold finished with gold roses and black & white fantasy poppies

Vintage Quilts Wedding Cake

Mint and Blush Wedding Cake


Another style that has been popular not just for this year past but for as long as we can remember, is the BEACH theme! We are near some of the most beautiful beaches in the world what better inspiration could we have than the beauty of our surroundings, we are always so happy to talk beach cakes!


Three tier cake with handmade sugar beach hut (design based on customer's own beach hut) finished with sugar sand, grass, signposts and handpainted

Aqua Beach Cupcakes

The Lighthouse Wedding Cake


Another cake that has been in great demand this year has been the Domed Cupcake; they ARE a bit different to the classic ‘Wedding Cake’ but this is a clever little number, using the key elements of a cupcake and adding fullness and luxury with a hidden centre, they have started to ROCKET in popularity, they look great and due to their smooth domed style, everyone can have a tasty piece, also, you are doing something a little different for your wedding day.  Here is an example from last year, I think you’ll agree, they are quite unique!


Lilac & Ivory domed cupcakes with sugar roses, piped pearls, butterflies and dragees


Love Island Cakes are open to suggestion from all of our couples, we know your cake will play a key part in your day, it will be photographed as a piece of the day in it’s own right, it will be taken home and secreted under the pillow of many a hopeful bridesmaid, it will be chomped by the younger members of the party and may be jovially shoved in the face of an odd Groom here or there!

We would like to extend and ENORMOUS THANK YOU! To all of our suppliers and customers from the past year, it is you who have made this journey so enjoyable, we have loved every minute of this year and cannot wait for the next!

Keep your eyes peeled and locked onto our blog for regular updates, helpful tips for your wedding day and brand new concepts coming up in the new year, we are really excited to be working on so many inspirational and challenging projects in the year ahead.

Happy New Year!


Welcome to our New Website!

What a great day to launch our new website – Valentine’s Day! I wonder how many of you will get engaged today? How many of you will celebrate this day as the last Valentine’s as a single person with your wedding date planned, booked and now anticipated with great excitement? With the 2013 wedding season just around the corner we are excited too – so many interesting and challenging designs to get from the sketch pad to the wedding reception. Yes, some very unusual cakes coming up this year but we can’t tell you now or it would ruin the surprise! With ‘vintage’ and ‘shabby chic’ still very much in wedding fashion, there’ll be lots of pastel colours, big blousy roses and lovebirds around. That’s not all though for our brides wanting a very modern look, with… no, no, no, mustn’t tell!!!

To celebrate our website launch we are running a competition. For full details and your chance to enter, you need to visit our Facebook page, join in and you may be a winner!