Love Island Cupcakes

Well hello there Cake lovers! We hope you have had a lovely week and, if you are planning a special event in the not too distant future, we hope it is going swimmingly! Today’s blog is focusing on Cupcakes, yummy, tasty, sweet and delicious Cupcakes!

There are 3 main cupcakes that Love Island Cakes offer, these are; The Simple, The Domed and The Swirl. All three are very special in their own way, however, we feel that the domed cupcake has the most to offer as a brilliant ‘all rounder’ what we mean by this is simple; the domed cupcake not only looks gloriously luxurious, it really is a cake in it’s own right, with buttercream (or frosting) AND a centre such as jam or curd (whatever is your cakey weakness!)

The Simple – The Simple is a plain cupcake a thin layer of sugarpaste with decoration applied to the surface, this is available in chocolate or vanilla, a really simple yet effective centrepiece.


2013 05 23_3378Photograph by Nektarios Photography




The Domed - This is a cupcake with a domed top, covered in a thin layer of sugarpaste which is decorated to your specifications, as mentioned above, they can contain a filling, or centre, this is dependant on the flavour of the cake itself and your personal requirements, of course.

IMG_1498(Ombre AND frills – more to come on both of these lovely details soon!)




The Swirl – A ‘coffee shop’ style of cake with buttercream or frosting swirl, these are available in pretty much any flavour, please have a little browse through the Cupcake menu




Whilst we are on the subject of buttercream, we like to give our couples a handy tip when choosing their style of cupcakes; our buttercream (the most popular we have noted is the Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla….YUMMY) is a continental type of buttercream, it is made using butter, sugar and egg (our fridge doors are firmly closed to ANY cream of the squirty variety!) now whilst there are a million and one ‘pros’ to making our delicious cupcake topping this way, it does have it’s drawbacks (this is where the handy tip comes in!) Buttercream will begin to melt at an average temperature of 21°c, Cyprus temperatures in the mid-summer months can soar from 33-42°, quite a leap wouldn’t you agree, the drawback to having a cupcake with buttercream on, that is likely to be displayed mid-summer, outside in the GLORIOUS Cypriot heat is that, yes, you’ve guessed it, the shelflife of the cake topping is somewhat limited….this is where the DOMED cupcake comes in, THE SAVIOUR OF CUPCAKES!


Some of our favourite domed cupcake combinations:

Lemon Cupcake + Lemon Curd centre + Lemon buttercream

Vanilla Cupcake + Strawberry Jam centre + MBV buttercream

Coffee Cupcake + Baileys + MBV buttercream

Red Velvet Cupcake + Sweet Cream Cheese frosting

Ginger Cupcake + Orange buttercream

Carrot & Walnut Cupcake with Sweet Cream Cheese

Vanilla Cupcake + Raspberry Coulis + White Chocolate buttercream