2013, the icing on the cake!

What a year it has been, not only for Love Island Cakes, but for our Beautiful Brides and Gorgeous Grooms! It has been a WONDERFUL year, so full of love and laughter, we really have enjoyed every single second of it. There are so many weddings that we want to share with you from the last year but sadly we can only pick a few cakes which we feel reflect our and your year the very best!

A few key notes we are extending into next year’s ‘cakey’ creations will be emulating the lace detailing on our Bride’s dress and using it as the main focal point of the cake, we found this not only worked well from an aesthetic point of view but also as a way to extend one of the most important elements of your day…THE WEDDING DRESS! We worked closely with our couples, taking details from the dress and applying our own unique expertise to create a treat that was not only tasty on the tongue, but pleasing to the eye. This has been one of our most popular requests this year and as such we are delighted to say we will be carrying on this tradition!

Two tier cake with lace copied from Bride's dress

Three tier nude coated cake overlaid with handpiped lace, finished with a large bow (all inspired by dress design)

Apricot Lace Wedding Cake


We do love a vintage themed wedding and cake, it gives us SO many avenues to go down in terms of creativity, this is a very loved and popular style and we will work our hardest to keep it a part of our signature pieces.


Five tier with handpiped texture painted with edible gold finished with gold roses and black & white fantasy poppies

Vintage Quilts Wedding Cake

Mint and Blush Wedding Cake


Another style that has been popular not just for this year past but for as long as we can remember, is the BEACH theme! We are near some of the most beautiful beaches in the world what better inspiration could we have than the beauty of our surroundings, we are always so happy to talk beach cakes!


Three tier cake with handmade sugar beach hut (design based on customer's own beach hut) finished with sugar sand, grass, signposts and handpainted

Aqua Beach Cupcakes

The Lighthouse Wedding Cake


Another cake that has been in great demand this year has been the Domed Cupcake; they ARE a bit different to the classic ‘Wedding Cake’ but this is a clever little number, using the key elements of a cupcake and adding fullness and luxury with a hidden centre, they have started to ROCKET in popularity, they look great and due to their smooth domed style, everyone can have a tasty piece, also, you are doing something a little different for your wedding day.  Here is an example from last year, I think you’ll agree, they are quite unique!


Lilac & Ivory domed cupcakes with sugar roses, piped pearls, butterflies and dragees


Love Island Cakes are open to suggestion from all of our couples, we know your cake will play a key part in your day, it will be photographed as a piece of the day in it’s own right, it will be taken home and secreted under the pillow of many a hopeful bridesmaid, it will be chomped by the younger members of the party and may be jovially shoved in the face of an odd Groom here or there!

We would like to extend and ENORMOUS THANK YOU! To all of our suppliers and customers from the past year, it is you who have made this journey so enjoyable, we have loved every minute of this year and cannot wait for the next!

Keep your eyes peeled and locked onto our blog for regular updates, helpful tips for your wedding day and brand new concepts coming up in the new year, we are really excited to be working on so many inspirational and challenging projects in the year ahead.

Happy New Year!